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For first-year law students, finding a summer job can be important for your future career. A summer job can lead to important networking opportunities and a chance to demonstrate your skills. In some cases, your summer job may result in subsequent opportunities and possibly a job offer after graduation. To assist you in your search for a summer job, the following are three tactics and suggestions to follow.


  1. Take the initiative to contact law firms

Many law firms do not actively recruit for summer associates and interns. However, many law firms and attorneys would welcome summer help from a law student, to help reduce their workload. Identify a law firm or attorney who practices in an area that interests you and reach out to see if they have any interest in taking on a summer associate. You may also want to reach out to judges and judicial officers to see if they have any interest in taking on a law clerk to provide research and support over the summer. If they reject your attempt, then they may provide you with advice or other leads to pursue.


  1. Utilize your law schools resources

Most law schools have career development staff who will help you identify summer job prospects and help you in your efforts. They often will already have potential leads available. Your school’s career office can also assist in resume preparation and interview skills. You can also consult with professors from your school, who may also have advice and can provide recommendations for you. Most law school professors and staff want to see you succeed, so do not hesitate to seek out their help.


  1. Seek help from family and friends

Family members and friends can be a useful resource in your summer job search. Make sure your family and friends know that you are seeking summer employment. Many of those with whom you are close will have connections to lawyers and other employment opportunities. This will help you get a foot-in-the-door for job interviews that may not have otherwise been available. Make it known to everyone you know that you are looking for employment and could use their help.


By utilizing these tactics, you will likely increase your chances of obtaining summer employment following your first year of law school. Best of luck in your efforts!